iQTi 2011 Superior Taste Award

Cooking With Fortisalt

Reduce Sodium. Keep the flavor. Improve nutrition. Cut added salt in recipes more than 50% while maintaining rich, gourmet flavor. This mouth-watering video recipe (Shrimp and Asparagus Linguine) shows how easy it is to replace granular salt with FortiSalt.

Why FortiSalt?

    • Enhances natural flavors better than salt
    • Turns food into a dietary supplement to compensate for minerals lacking in many modern diets
    • A good source of 10 essential minerals

What is FortiSalt?
Fortisalt is designed to nutritionally fortify food anywhere salt is desired.* Unlike table salt, sea salts or even salts marketed for their trace mineral content, FortiSalt is designed to add broad-spectrum essential minerals and trace minerals in nutritionally significant amounts through food.* Using FortiSalt will significantly fortify your food with magnesium, potassium, every essential trace mineral (except Iron) and make food taste like it should.*

How does FortiSalt Taste?
FortiSalt tastes salty - just like ordinary salt and/or sea salt. However, when you taste food fortified with FortiSalt you'll understand why we call it the Gourmet Mineral Supplement. FortiSalt enhances food's natural flavor adding richness and depth you just won't find with ordinary salt or sea salts. To truly understand how FortiSalt tastes on food, we like to say that FortiSalt doesn't necessarily taste like a better salt, but more like salt added to better food.